Stephen Lacey is a garden writer, lecturer, broadcaster and plantsman, with a particular interest in planting design. He is a long-standing columnist and feature writer for The Daily Telegraph, and contributes to many other publications including House and Garden, the RHS Journal and Horticulture Magazine. His books include 'The Startling Jungle', 'Scent in Your Garden', 'Gardens of the National Trust' and 'Real Gardening'.

He lectures on planting design to horticultural societies, design schools and botanic gardens throughout UK, USA and Canada, and for ten years was a regular presenter on the BBC’s Gardeners’ World, exploring creative themes and meeting gardeners and designers across Britain, Europe and America (sadly, the budget for that sort of gardening show has now vanished!).

Recently, he has begun taking on garden design commissions in UK and the Mediterranean, putting to wider use the inspiration from his garden travels and his own practical experience of growing an extensive range of trees, shrubs, bulbs, perennials and greenhouse plants. He lives in London and on the Welsh border, where he has an intensive one acre garden.

“A gardener to his fingertips”  Christopher Lloyd.

“Stephen Lacey belongs to that cadre of acclaimed garden writers.” Nigel Colborn, RHS Journal The Garden.

“One of the brightest and most widely read garden writers on the English scene. His book, ‘The Startling Jungle’ is considered a classic”,
‘International Who’s Who of Gardening’, Vancouver Sun, Canada.

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